Ziva David

Ziva David
Ziva David in Good Cop, Bad Cop
Portrayed by: Coté de Pablo
Season: 8
First Appearance: Kill Art Part 1
Status: Alive

Ziva David (Dah-VEED) is the Probationary Officer on Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs' team. Previously, she worked in Israeli as a Mossad agent and was assigned to be a Liaison between the two agencies. Finally, in Season 7, Ziva was no longer associated with the Mossad and gained U.S. citizenship.


[edit] History

[edit] Growing Up

Ziva was born on November 12th, 1982 in Beer Sheva, Israel. She grew up with two other siblings. One was an older half-brother named Ari Haswari and a younger sister, Tali. Tali died in a Hamas suicide bombing. After serving her time in the Israeli army (required for all women), she voluntarily joined the Mossad. Her father, Eli David, is the director of Mossad. He often trained in her espionage and combat, two traits needed to be a Mossad.

[edit] NCIS

Ziva made her first appearance on the show in Season 3 on the episode Kill Ari Part 1. Ari Haswari had just assassinated former Special Agent Caitlyn Todd and had betrayed Mossad. Ziva was not aware of his betrayal at the time. As events unfolded, Ziva finally gave in to the fact that her older brother was up to no good and killed him before he could kill Gibbs. After that, she became the Liaison Officer between the two agencies and officially started working at NCIS.

[edit] Personality & Relationships

[edit] Personality

The Mossad Ziva loves doing things her way. In many ways, Ziva appears harmless, but can cause catastrophic damage in more ways than one, the biggest one being physical. Given enough time, she opens up to the people she thinks she can trust and takes things slowly. She almost never shows any emotions, especially ones that are considered 'weak'.

There is another side of Ziva, which is the playful and girly side. Deep down, she really is girly and at times can be quite vulnerable. No one can ever get too close to her without her getting suspicious. She loves to mess with other people, which is displayed throughout the show with Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.

[edit] Tony DiNozzo

Ziva and Tony have a very peculiar relationship. Ziva absolutely loves to play games with Tony and he is more than willing to play back. She taunts and mimics him at almost every turn in a playful manner. Both can also disturb each other quite easily. While Ziva is a lot more dangerous than Tony, he has the higher rank within the team.

[edit] Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Ziva and Gibbs have tons of mutual respect and trust for each other. Ziva views Gibbs as a father figure and almost always follow Gibbs' orders. Gibbs' first impression of Ziva was not a good one, with her being Haswari's Control Officer and she received a lot anger from Gibbs for the death of Caitlyn Todd. However, their relationship took a big turn for the better once she killed Haswari to save Gibbs' life and in the Season 3 episode Silver War, where she saved Donald Mallard's life.

[edit] Timothy McGee

Ziva and Tim have a brother and sister type of relationship. At times, she'll help DiNozzo mess with McGee, but at others, will also defend him from it too. She is very protective when it comes to McGee and will never let anyone hurt him. At times, McGee can be very intimidated by Ziva.

[edit] Trivia

  • Ziva is a Scorpio
  • Her favorite movie is 'Sound of Music
  • Ziva plays the piano
  • The character based on her in McGee's book series Deep Six is called Lisa
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