Yankee White

[edit] Yankee White. Series 1 Episode 1

Yankee White
Yankee White

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[edit] Plot

The show starts with Caitlyn Todd on Air Force One with a Marine, who is invited to have lunch with the President.

Once he leaves the President after lunch, he loses his balance, starts convulsing and frothing at the mouth, has a stroke and dies.

Back in D.C Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is in Gibb's Basement working on a boat. When he receives a call from Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo about the death. They then go to Air Force One.

One of Doctor Donald Mallard's friends delay the FBI and SS so he can get the body. Gibbs contemplates hi-jacking Air Force One

Gibbs learns that the Marine was poisoned by an Australian snake. Once the new Air Force one is cleared for take off, a terrorist, posing as a press member attempts to shoot people. Gibb's kills him

[edit] Major Events

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