Timothy McGee

Timothy "Tim" McGee
Tim McGee in Cracked
Portrayed by: Sean Murray
Season: 8
First Appearance: Sub Rosa
Status: Alive

Timothy "Tim" McGee is the Junior Special Agent on Leroy Jethro Gibbs' team. Before officially joining the team, he was in previous episodes helping out with numerous things, such as technical difficulties with the computers. He has extensive knowledge about many different forms of technology.


[edit] History

[edit] Growing Up

Tim was born in Bethesda, Maryland in 1977. His father was a naval officer and because of that, he grew up in many different places, one of them being Alameda, an old naval station. As a boy, he was also a member of the cub scouts. In high school, McGee had numerous custodial and previously worked in a bank. McGee has received a Masters from MIT in Computer Forensics, as well as a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins.

[edit] NCIS

McGee first appeared on the show during the Sub Rosa episode in Season 1. He was sent over numerous times from the NCIS Norfolk office to help Gibbs' team. McGee proved to be vital to Gibbs' team numerous times, one of them being helping them discover Ari Haswari's past. During the first episode of Season 2 titled See No Evil, he became a permanent member of Gibbs' team.

[edit] Personality & Relationships

[edit] Personality

When McGee first appeared on the show, he was very shy, timid, and intimidated by everyone else. As McGee has gained experience throughout the show, he has also gained tons of confidence and is now a lot more sure of himself as a well-rounded NCIS investigator.

[edit] Tony DiNozzo

Ever since McGee arrived on the show, DiNozzo has constantly picked on him. Their relationship can be compared as an older brother to a younger brother. He loves to harass and annoy McGee, evidenced by the fact that he would always call him 'probie' before Ziva was officially part of the team. In addition to 'probie', Tony would also call him 'McGruff', 'McTardy' and just about anything else he could think of, but he would never let anyone else call him any names. Amidst all the harassment, they both trust each other a lot and always have each others backs.

[edit] Abigail Scuito

Ever since McGee met Abby, he was instantly attracted to her and they were involved for a brief period in Season 1, with McGee sleeping over at Abby's house. Their relationship has died down a bit, but whenever one another starts talking to different people, their jealousy is obvious.

[edit] Leroy Jethro Gibbs

McGee has the utmost respect for Gibbs and is amazed at his overall demeanor. Their relationship can be compared to a father and his son because Gibbs is always very protective of McGee. McGee is very loyal to Gibbs and because of that, he finds McGee very trustworthy.

[edit] Ziva David

McGee & Ziva have a brother and sister relationship. Even though McGee is very intimidated of Ziva, they are mostly friendly towards each other. Sometimes Ziva will team up with Tony to pick on McGee, but most of the time she is protecting McGee from him and occasionally, they will team up to pick on him as well. They both have great trust in each other.

[edit] Donald Mallard

Just like Gibbs, Ducky and McGee have a father and son relationship, as evidenced by the fact that Ducky always calls him by his full name: Timothy.

[edit] Book Series

McGee writes a successful book series which is the Deep Six Book Series which was unknown to the NCIS team as he had his name as Thom.E Gemcity. He used the team as inspiration for his characters and cases for the stories. He can enjoy small, little perks for his popular series.

  • Leroy Jethro Gibbs - L.J. Tibbs
  • Ziva David - Lisa
  • Tony DiNozzo - Tommy
  • Abigail Scuito - Amy Sutton
  • Timothy McGee - McGregor
  • Jimmy Palmer - Pimmy Jalmer
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