Jimmy Palmer

Jimmy Palmer
Jimmy Palmer.jpg
Jimmy Palmer
Portrayed by Brian Dietzen
Season 8
First appearence Split Decision
Status Alive


[edit] Relationships

[edit] Doctor Donald Mallard

He looks up to Doctor Donald Mallard and cares a lot about what he thinks about him. Unlike Duckys old assisant Gerald Jackson he loves to listen to his stories and when they get interrupted wants to know what happened next. He one tried to talk to the dead bodies like Ducky, but got scared by Abigail Sciuto.

He cares alot for Ducky, shown in the episode Broken Bird.

Their relationship is like a father/son one, much like Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Anthony DiNozzo

A running gag between the two is the fact that whenever they are late to a crime scene it is Jimmys bad driving, to which he replies that Ducky has the map.

[edit] Anthony DiNozzo

In the episode Bounce Tony is shown to confide in Palmer about problems with a case. It is implied the two hang out out of work.

Tony reguarly calls palmer 'Autopsy Gremlin' and when he is out of Autopsy in the main room makes jokes about 'how the sunlight might hurt him' and 'who let the gremlin up here'

[edit] Trivia

  • He has mild diabetes which is revealed in Season 4
  • In the Season 5 episode Dog Tags it is said he spent two summers as a vet assistant
  • His mothers first name is Eunice, shown in About Face
  • In Season 8 episode Pyramid it is revealed he is engaged.
  • He has tinnitus
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