Deep Six Book Series

Deep Six is a book series written by Timothy McGee under the alias Thom. E. Gemcity. He takes insparation from the team and the cases they work on. There is currently two books in the series.


[edit] Deep Six

The first book. It has made him a minor celebrity as a few people around town recognised him and he can afford expensive thing and get VIP access places.

[edit] Deep Six: Rock Hollow: The Continuing Adventures of L.J.Tibbs

The second book in the series. It is still unfinished. First appeared in Cover Story.

[edit] Characters

He bases the characters off of the team

[edit] Reactions from the team

Gibbs was a bit annoyed to learn his life was being written down.

Ziva and Tony were angry that their characters where in a relationship.

Jimmy was aso angry and saying that if it wasn't based on them why is his name 'Pimmy Jalmer'

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