Anthony DiNozzo

Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo
Anthony DiNozzo.jpg
Anthony DiNozzo in SWAK
Portrayed by: Michael Weatherly
Season: 8
First appearance: Yankee White
Status: Alive

Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo was born and grew up in Long Island, New York. His mother died when Tony was just eight, leaving him and his father with a strained relationship. He is approximately thirty-two years old, guessed correctly by Agent Caitlin Todd in one of the early Season 1 episodes.


[edit] Personality

Tony is notoriously known as a ladies' man. He enjoys reading Playboys and he always seems to have a new date to look forward to, or in some cases, be cancelled because of his late night work.

Tony is very child-like. Reminded especially by co-workers Caitlyn Todd and now Ziva David on a regular basis of his unbearable immaturity, Tony embraces it and enjoys annoying people to no end with his sarcasm and quick wit. Throughout all the silliness though, Tony has a sharp mind and he's good at his job and what he does best: talking. Tony's especially good at persuading people and wheedling vital information out of pretty girls who aren't willing to spill until Tony has a try.

DiNozzo has little to no personal boundaries when it comes to his co-workers. He enjoys riffling through bags and purses, trash cans, and desk drawers if he thinks something interesting is going on in one of his co-worker's lives. Tony has even browsed through pictures of Agent Timothy McGee's on his computer. His natural curiosity can also lead him to answers in cases, but most of the time, his curiosity gets him a hard smack, accusing glare, or famous Gibb's head slap. In Season 1 when he finds out that Kate is disturbed he's become so comfortable around her to... do guy things in front of her, he purposely sips out of her water bottle to annoy her later. When learning about sexual harassment later in the series, Ziva pulls a similar stunt to annoy him by licking his neck when the speaker isn't looking.

DiNozzo knows quite a bit about cars, but film media is his forte. He regularly quotes and relates situations to the movies he so loves and takes pride in his knowledge, often trying to persuade his co-workers to watch different movies.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Out of all the members of the team, Tony can be arguably the closest to his boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs tends to favor Tony's opinion when it suits him, only topped by the attention he pays to Abby Sciuto. Tony might also be the person who gets slapped in the back of the head most. The fatherly relationship he shares with his boss is to be admired considering the relationship with his own father is tedious.

[edit] Timothy McGee

Agent Timothy McGee has a brotherly relationship with Tony, in which Tony often acts as the elder brother. He's allowed to make fun of McGee's interests, love life, and quirks as much as he wants, but if someone outside the team steps in, Tony can act very protective. He often brags to Timothy about all his accomplishments as an agent and otherwise with an attached insult thrown in his direction, and McGee takes it all with a quick, tolerant eye roll. They often argue, but they make an excellent team; Tony as a good leader figure.

[edit] Abigail Sciuto

Not romantic, but more relatable to a pet and owner, Tony's relationship to Abigail Sciuto, the forensic scientist, is cut and dry. If Tony is ever in some sort of danger or goes missing, Abby often feels anxious and when reunited with him, she normally is prone to attack him in a flying-leap of a hug. She's very clingy and hugs all her co-workers, but most often tackles Tony or McGee down first. It's pretty obvious Tony's the lost puppy in this relationship and Abby acts as the protective and ever-watchful pet owner.

[edit] Caitlin Todd

Much like his relationship with Ziva, Tony and Kate had a very brother and sister-like feud each episode. Tony would pick on Kate somehow and she would retaliate with a snarky comment and usually wind up 'winning' at the appearance of Gibbs. Open with each other to a certain extent, Tony and Kate made a good team and were good friends. DiNozzo took Kate's death rather hard and took his time choosing her replacement with McGee.

[edit] Ziva David

Following Seasons 3 and onward when Ziva David joins the team, there is sibling-like connection between herself and Tony that can sometimes be viewed as very restrained romance. They often argue and quip back and forth, but they defend and know enough about each other to cause a little tension. They seem to constantly be interested in who the other is seeing romantically at the current moment and often react in sarcastic ways that can be taken as jealousy to the given answer. At first, Tony was rather cold to Ziva, pointing out her faults; most likely comparing her to Kate. Eventually, it begins to wear off and he becomes his obnoxious self.

[edit] Jeanne Benoit

In Season 4, Tony is working undercover as a teacher for Director Jenny Shepard. His job is to pose as Jeanne Benoits boyfriend in order for Director Shepard to learn more about her dangerous father, La Grenouille, who is a suspected arms dealer. In the course of the relationship with Jeanne, Tony falls in love with her accidentally. He hasn't done well in romance since their messy break-up.

[edit] Anthony DiNozzo Senior

As previously stated, Tony's mother died when he was young, so he was brought up by his father. Tony's childhood was a wreck because of this, constantly going to summer camps and boarding schools and never knowing who his newest step-mother was. When he was twelve years old, Tony's father left him at a hotel in Maui, forgetting him there.

His father, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. is quite the ladies' man himself, marrying more than four times. He often calls his son 'Junior' and when talking seriously, calls him by his full name 'Anthony'. He spends too much money and has dug himself into a deep financial hole. Tony found out through working a case and patiently waited for his father to tell him of his troubles himself. Finally, it seems that in Season 8, they've reached at least peaceable speaking terms, giving hope that their relationship can be repaired.

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