Abigail Sciuto

Abigail "Abby" Sciuto
Abby Sciuto in Broken Arrow
Portrayed by: Pauley Perrette
Season: 8
First Appearance: Yankee White
Status: Alive

Abigail 'Abby' Sciuto is the highly competent forensic scientist for all of NCIS's Special Agent teams. She is known for usually being in good spirits and on the edge because of all the caffeine she consumes from her favorite drink: Caf-Pow. She is into Gothic as evidenced by the kind of clothes she wears, almost all of them being dark colors.


[edit] History

[edit] Growing Up

Abby was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is known to have a younger brother named Luca, as well as a niece. Her adoptive mother's name was Gloria. Both adoptive parents are deceased. She has an aunt who she calls 'Gert', most likely a nickname for 'Gertrude'. She has a biological brother named Kyle Davis who works at an animal shelter. At the age of ten, Abby already knew how to drive a manual transmission.

[edit] NCIS

Abby is a top knotch forensic scientist with a master's degree in both criminology and forensic science. Whatever NCIS throws at her, she can usually handle and is almost never stumped on a case. She does not like to work with others and is very dedicated to NCIS and Special Agent Gibbs' team.

[edit] Personality & Relationships

[edit] Personality

Abby is a very optimistic person, despite her clothing style. She loves and cares for every member of Special Agent Gibbs' team. While she loves to talk to her co-workers, she prefers to work alone, as she has stated in multiple episodes. Abby is very dedicated to her work and believes she should be able to crack any evidence that is presented to her. If she cannot, she is very hard on herself. She is described by Anthony DiNozzo in the first episode of Season 7 while under truth serum as 'the happiest goth you will ever meet'. She puts a lot of trust into the forensic reports.

[edit] Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Abby and Gibbs are very close and friendly towards one another. Abby sees Gibbs as a father and they are always joking with each other in their own way. Abby loves to see Gibbs in her lab because she almost always finds something related to the case when he steps in and because he always brings her favorite caffeine-filled drink: Caf-Pow. Gibbs has done numerous gratifying things for Abby, such as taking her out to dinner for her birthday and buying her black flowers for solving a case.

[edit] Timothy McGee

In early Season 1 episodes, Abby and Tim had a small fling in which he would sleep over at Abby's house. He was later mortified to find out that he was sleeping in a coffin. For unknown reasons, the two parted and Abby found things very awkward in the aftermath, complaining once to Agent Todd that guys just couldn't let things stay the way they were, explaining how Abby was happy with their current relationship of just friends. McGee is very protective of Abby and often helps her in her lab when it comes to hacking jobs and computer troubles. When Michael, an ex-boyfriend of Abby's that became her stalker was on the prowl, she slept over at McGee's house. In his book series Deep Six, forensic scientist 'Amy Sutton' falls in love with Agent 'McGregor'. Abby clearly stated her fear of the two characters ever actually falling in love because they are 'completely wrong for each other'.

[edit] Anthony DiNozzo

Abby and Anthony have had to endure lots in their relationship, but they are very close. Abby had a hand in sending DiNozzo to prison, but she constantly worked to find out who really had done the crime. In numerous episodes, Tony asks Abby for favors, such as getting fingerprints faster so the case can be resolved much quicker. Abby agrees to almost every one, showing that she has a lot of trust in him.

[edit] Caitlin Todd

Ever since Abby and Kate met, they instantly became close friends and had a sisterly bond. In multiple episodes, they revealed plans to hang out on weekends together and they also shared private information about themseleves. When she passed away, Abby was absolutely devastated.

[edit] Ziva David

At first, Abby and Ziva saw each other as complete opposites and Abby disliked her. At one point, while worrying about Agents Dinozzo and McGee, Ziva told Abby to stop 'freaking out' and Abby snapped at her, calling her an emotionless robot. Ziva was cut by this and Abby could tell, so she later apologized. They have been on better terms since. Though not as close as Agent Todd used to be with Abby, they worry about one another and look out for each other.

[edit] Trivia

  • Abby is adopted.
  • Abby was a cheerleader in high school.
  • She keeps a picture of her adoptive mother in a silver locket with a lock of her blonde hair tied with a pink ribbon on the left side.
  • Three boys asked her to her high school prom, and not having the heart for rejection, she said 'yes' to all of them. She claimed the incident gave her interest in forensics with 'her first crime scene'.
  • Both of her adoptive parents were born deaf, so Abby knows sign language.
  • Abby has about twelve visible tattoos, a few of them are actually Perretes (the actress)
    • A spiderweb on her neck
    • Smiley face on the right middle finger
    • 'P' on the inside of her right wrist
    • 3 triangles on the inside of her left wrist
    • Infinity symbol on her right inner forearm
    • Stick figure angel on her right shoulder blade
    • Stick figure devil on her left shoulder blade
    • Flower on her upper back
    • Large cross on her lower back
    • Smiley face on her left inner ankle
    • 3 dots on her right inner ankle
    • Heart on her left ring finger
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